PW ACS provides comprehensive solutions for the water sector and is responsible for the management of outsourced projects, infrastructure, concessions, assets and services of the industry to demand for its clients, shareholders or institutions responsible, providing management and technology.

We provide total solutions to our clients in the management from the identification of problems, solution design and implementation, to maintenance and support services.

Our solutions are based on selected technologies through our technology partners that allow us to implement efficient and economic processes in the various infrastructure and assets of the integral water cycle:

  • Integrated Direction of projects. Project Management: management, coordination and complete control of the project by offering a tailored solution. Integrated Project Management: planning, scheduling, cost control and quality control. Integrated Management of the design and construction: recruitment, management, supervision and execution of the construction and installation of equipment.
  • Management of concessions and the integral water cycle infrastructures. (Catchment, desalination plants, transport, drinking water treatment plants, deposits, distribution networks and connections of drinking water, wastewater treatment plants and wastewater reuse etc.).
  • Management of the exploitation services and the hydraulic infrastructure maintenance.
  • Management of the auxiliary industry water services: Engineering (construction project design, direction and control of works, demand management, mathematical models, etc.), technology (information technology, telecommunications and remote control), services (leaks and fraud, special repairs, counters, inspections, etc.) supplies (special parts, equipment, etc).